There are lots of reports online that cannabis oil cures cancer. Cannabis has been used for years as a way to relax patients and ease pain. But could it also cure them completely?

cannabis leaf

A video from the BBC shows that some people who have cancer have recovered from the disease after taking cannabis oil. Another report from the Daily Mail (a British newspaper) tells the story of Mike Cutler, 63, who found a YouTube video about cannabis oil and decided to try it. His doctors have confirmed that his cancer has vanished.

There are currently lots of studies being done to determine whether or not cannabis can be used to cure cancer; it is possible that it does not work for everybody, or on every type of cancer.

Dr Kat Arnley from Cancer Research UK (a British charity which researches cures for cancer) says that “at the moment there isn’t good evidence from clinical trials to prove that cannabis can safely and effectively treat cancer in patients.”

It may be too soon to know if cannabis can cure cancer, but studies are being done in many countries.

However, one big problem remains; buying cannabis is illegal in many countries. Mike Cutler told the Daily Mail that he got his cannabis oil from a drug dealer at the beginning, before deciding to grow his own plant. He is now campaigning for the government to make it legal in the UK for medical reasons.

Vocabulary: oil (a liquid from a plant- n), patients (a person who is sick-n), to ease (to reduce- v), to cure (make a sick person healthy- v), completely (100%, fully- adv), to vanish (to disappear- v), a charity (an organisation that helps people. It gets money from ordinary people, not from governments – n) clinical trial (a medical investigation- n), to campaign (to ask the government for something, usually with a petition, public speeches etc.- v).