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A USB Drive That Can Fry A Computer In Seconds

A Russian researcher who is being called “Dark Purple” has made a USB drive that can fry any machine it’s plugged into in seconds. This means it is not only able to fry a computer, but also a TV, some smart phones, and any other device with a USB port. Hackers have recently gotten a hold of this item and posted a video on the internet of them putting it into action. It shows the USB being plugged in, and within seconds the IBM laptop is completely useless. After the laptop is off, the hacker tries to turn it...

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The Runner’s High: A New Look at the Cause

Have you ever heard someone say they are addicted to working out, or running? For some this may be an odd statement since not all of us find workouts enjoyable. The truth is, is that you can feel a type of high from an intense workout and scientist have a new theory on the cause. Originally it was thought that the release of endorphins is what caused the euphoric feeling achieved through an intense workout, which reduced your body’s feeling of pain and so you would get the high feeling. Scientists now think that the high is caused by a...

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Snow Leopards Face Extinction Due to Climate Change

A new study from the World Wildlife Fund has warned that climate change effects as well as illegal hunting might push snow leopards near extinction, as habitat loss contributed to a 20% decline of their population over the past 16 years. The WWF estimates that there are only 4,000 snow leopards in the high mountains of Central Asia. Moreover, the report found that warmer temperatures might cause changes in the mountain climates, which would result in conditions that are not right for the animals. About 14% of the snow leopards’ habitat has been researched so far, the report states....

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Amazon vs. Etsy

Amazon has been in the news quite often lately with their big ideas of drones and many other ways to make your everyday lives easier, and make them your number one source for online shopping. Just when you thought they had come out with everything, they’ve taken a bite out of someone else’s idea and made it their own. Etsy is a well-known online shopping outlet where you can purchase handmade original items from crafters and artist from all over. This site has given many people the ability to make money from home doing what they love while expressing...

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The New Cheeseburger

A twist on an old idea may have you saying “Mmmmm…” You may have heard of a veggie burger before: a mix of vegetables and grains ground up and made into a burger-like shape. Though they are called burgers, they don’t look anything like the beef patty that Americans feast on. Burgers are in high demand in America; in fact it’s estimated that over 50 million burgers are consumed in America each year. The meat industry has caused a lot of environmental issues, so this new burger could be a great solution for those who don’t like vegetarian replacements...

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