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Airplane Catches Fire at Florida Airport

  15 people were hurt when an airplane caught on fire at a Florida airport on Thursday, October 29th. The plane was on its way to Venezuela.  People were scared. They had to use emergency slides to hurry and get off the plane. The plane was losing gas right before take-off. The people on the plane behind it saw gas coming out, and told the people on the first plane what they saw. Next thing you know, the engine of the first plane exploded. Fire trucks in Fort Lauderdale got there fast. Gray smoke filled the air before they...

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Yahoo! Mail App with No Password

Yahoo celebrates its 18th birthday this month, and how do they celebrate it? By making your Yahoo Mail experience easier and smoother. Now, rather than typing your password anytime you need to log in, the app simply uses push notifications to make sure you are who you say you are, basically, which with how complicated passwords have to be now, this is a great improvement. Very similar to Duo Mobile, you can swipe left and right to mark your mail as read, or to just delete it. The app now shows photo avatars instead of the gray avatars or...

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Amazon Suing Over 1,000 People for Fake Reviews

  Reviews are meant to help people decide whether a product is worth their money, whether it’s of good quality, and if it will do what they need it to do. According to Amazon though, some of those raving reviews for products sold on their site, were bought. Yes, it does happen, people buy reviews so that you will buy their products. This is the reason behind the recent filing of a lawsuit against 1,114 people who have been titled “John Does” for producing fake reviews; the defendants’ real names are not yet known. Amazon does not wish to...

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Close 2015 Presidential Race in Argentina

  Argentina held its presidential election this past Sunday.  Mauricio Macri shocked supporters of the popular candidate, Daniel Scioli, by coming in with a very close margin of the vote to warrant a tie-breaker election.  Scioli did not receive 45 percent of the votes in order to win. As a result, a tie-breaker election will take place on November 22, 2015.   Supported by residing president, Cristina Fernandez, Scioli is now reaching out to voters who have no commitment to either candidate.  He will likely try to convince voters that Macri’s policies will cause an economic crisis resulting in...

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Is It Ripe? Soon You’ll Be Able to See Through Fruit With Your Phone

  You’ve got your recipe in hand and you’re in the produce section of your local store, on the hunt for the perfect ingredients. You can find what you need, but how can you tell if it will have the right flavor and texture, or if it needs more time to ripen? Well, scientists with the University of Washington, located in Seattle, may have a way for you to check the ripeness with your phone. In a project funded by Microsoft, the scientists have made a special camera that can be carried around, which would cost about $800. They...

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