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How to Write a Review

This guide is aimed at writing a Review for the Cambridge First Certificate (B2) and Advanced (C1) exams. The advice might not be appropriate for other exams. In the exam you’ll usually be asked to write a review for a magazine- this means that the style should be fairly informal (no essay words), interesting and creative. The more creative the better. The examiner is looking for you to be able to interest the reader, inform them about something or persuade them to try something. It is very similar in style to the article. Check out my advice for how to write an article here.  The review is an optional question in part 2 of the writing paper. Most Common Review Questions Usually the review will be about a book, film, restaurant or website/piece of technology. It might be a general review (for example- “What is your favourite film of all time? Why should it be in the Top 100 film list? Tell us about it and we’ll publish the best reviews in our magazine next month” or it could be more specific: “Villains are what make a film a success. Have you seen a film with a good bad guy recently? Tell us all about it. We’ll publish the best reviews in our magazine next month” The important thing is to read the question carefully and decide if the...

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Quick Question Conversations

These work wonders as a quick warmer activity. Each topic has six questions. Put students in pairs and give them three questions each, or if there’s an odd number of students (why is there always an odd number?!) – give them two questions each. The aim of the activity is to keep the conversation going for as long as they can. The pair (or three) who keep talking about their set of cards for the longest, wins. PS – I did this with one of my B2 classes and they all kept the conversations going for at least 15 minutes. While they are talking to each other I kept a note of any pronunciation or grammar mistakes they made, wrote them on the board and did this as delayed feedback. TOPIC 1 – Names 1) What is the most popular boy’s/girl’s name in your country? 2) What influences a parent’s choice in names? 3) Why did your parents choose your name? 4) How has fashion in baby names changed over the years? 5) What names do you find unattractive? 6) Should parents be allowed to call their child any name they want? TOPIC 2 – Shopping 1) What was the last thing you bought and why? 2) Do you buy things online? What/From which sites? 3) Do you think shops should be open on Sundays/National Holidays? 4) What are...

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Emotion Idioms

Here are some of the most common English idioms about feelings and emotions: 1) ANGER  To fly off the handle / To hit the roof When you discover something and it makes you instantly angry, it usually involves lots of screaming. When my mum found out I got a tattoo she hit the roof. She completely flew off the handle- she hates tattoos! To get worked up over something When you get angry about a situation (usually over a period of time). The students never listen to Miss McDonald and she’s starting to get really worked up over it. If they listened, they would do so much better in the exam! To go off the deep end / To see red To get instantly angry.  Usually when someone says something or does something that you strongly disagree with. When Tom told Sarah that he thought boys were better than girls she saw red and started shouting at him that he was an idiot. 2) SADNESS To feel blue To be depressed (quite old-fashioned nowadays). Since his cat died last month, Henry has been feeling blue. To be down (in the mouth/dumps) To be sad/depressed over a long period of time. George got a divorce a while ago and has been quite down in the dumps about it. He won’t leave the house. David has been feeling down since he lost...

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Prince William tells FIFA to “Put the Sport First”

Prince William has told FIFA that it needs to show football fans that it can put the sport first. The future king of England gave this speech at Wembley Football Stadium on Saturday. This comes after 7 members of FIFA were arrested for fraud and accepting bribes. (fraud=deceiving someone, making someone believe something that is not true in order to get rich or benefit. This is illegal) (bribe= giving someone a gift or money in exchange for them making a decision that you want) Tens of millions of dollars are believed to have been used as bribes or money-laundered...

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Ducks Get their Own Traffic Lane in London

“Duck Lanes” have been installed in London, Manchester and Birmingham, England.  The lanes are along canal areas where ducks usually live. The idea is to help people be more aware of the space, and to share the road with the ducks. The “Duck Lanes” were designed by the Canal River Trust who maintain the waterways in England and Wales. Their motto is “share the space, slow your pace: it is a special place”. It is not known if the ducks are following the duck lanes...

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