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The World’s Friendliest Cities 2015

“Rough Guides”- that company who makes travel guides- have just released their annual list of “The World’s Friendliest Cities”. The top 4 are in English-speaking countries. Coincidence? Here are the top 5: 1) Glasgow, Scotland 2) Dublin, Ireland 3) Montreal, Canada 4) Liverpool, England 5) Tokyo Japan To see the rest of the list click here. How friendly is your city? Let us...

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Restaurant Reviews

Total time for activity 15-20 minutes (plus time to run through vocabulary- extra 10-15 minutes) 1) Put students into small groups and tell them that they are going on holiday to Manchester (UK). It’s Saturday evening and they need to find a place to eat. 2) Give them the restaurant reviews and together they must put them in order of which they’d prefer to go to. (There will be compromises, and the students must all agree on the order). 3) When they’ve finished, (usually takes about 10 minutes), ask the groups to compare their choices and explain why they’ve chosen their restaurants. Download the restaurant reviews here:  Restaurant Reviews 16.90 KB Download It’s a good idea to cut them up so that students can physically move them into an order.  The reviews are all taken from real restaurants in Manchester. It is from a Travel Guide I wrote for Trip Advisor. After this exercise you’ll probably have to run though the vocabulary with students. There’s also great constructions for writing an article/ review which you can highlight (If you’re after …. then look no further that …). This is especially useful for exam classes such as FCE, CAE and IELTS as they may have the option of writing a review in the exam. I usually set students a restaurant review as writing homework after this class to encourage them...

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10 Signs You are 100% Fluent in a Language

Fluent is a relative term. I don’t know if I consider myself fluent in French, even though I’ve got a degree in it and spent 5 months living there. I still make stupid mistakes and I often tell people ‘he’s crying’ when I mean ‘it’s raining’. French people think that it’s adorable. And if someone thinks your French is adorable, then you can’t really be fluent, can you? There are varying definitions of fluent- some people measure fluency in number of words and grammar structures you know, others use a more qualitative method; can you hold a conversation? Can you ask for directions and write a formal letter? For me, fluency is not what you can or can’t do in a language, it’s about your attitude towards it. Here’s my list of signs you’re fluent in a foreign language; 1) You stop looking for opportunities to ‘practice’.  For me this is the most important sign of being fluent; that you can have the same conversation in both languages and you don’t feel the NEED to practice any more. If you need to practice, you’re still a learner. 2) You can have a meaningful relationship with someone who doesn’t speak your mother tongue You can talk to that person without the safety blanket of your first language to fall back on. You also stop looking for foreign friends just because...

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A library where you borrow cats, not books

A government office in New Mexico, USA has a cat library. Employees can go to the cat library, choose a cat and take it back to their desk for one hour. Employees report feeling happier and more productive at work. How did this start? A local cat shelter (a place where lost and neglected cats can be adopted by loving families) decided to place a “cat  condo” in the government building. Because lots of people pass through the building each day, they thought that this would generate interest in the cats and more people would adopt them. How does...

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Roller Coaster Crash: 4 Injured

Four people have been hurt in a roller coaster accident in Alton Towers, a theme park in England. The director of the park said it was the most serious accident in the park’s history. The riders were two men and two women in their early twenties and have been taken to a local hospital. They had injuries to their lower body (legs and feet). Other riders did not suffer any harm. The passengers were on the Smiler roller coaster. This roller coaster holds the world record for the number of 360 degree loops: 14. The roller coaster was delayed during the afternoon because of a technical problem but soon started working again. The staff sent an empty carriage on the roller coaster first. They then sent a carriage full of people. In the middle of the ride, the first, empty carriage stopped moving and the second carriage with people in, crashed into it. Vocabulary: roller coaster (n), theme park (n), loop (n), carriage...

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