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Guinness Will Stop Using Fish Parts in Their Beer

  Did you know that many beers actually contain fish parts? Brewers use isinglass, a substance that comes from the dried bladders of fish, to filter small solid bits out of the beer. It is a common practice in the industry. The filtering process leaves very small amounts of the fish parts in the beer – enough to keep vegans away from these beers.    Guinness plans to stop using isinglass in its brewing process in 2016. This is good news for true vegans, who will be able to enjoy a glass of fish-free beer. The move is reflective...

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Katy Perry is Highest Paid Woman in Music Business

According to Forbes, Katy Perry is this year’s highest paid woman in the music business. She earned $135 million this year, beating out Taylor Swift for the number one spot on the Forbes list of the richest women in music. Swift earned $80 million. Perry’s Prismatic tour earned her about $2 million per concert. She also earned money from her contracts with top brands like Covergirl, Coty and Claire’s. Even though Taylor Swift was not the top earner in 2015, Forbes Magazine believes she has a good chance at topping the list next year. She is currently on a...

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Article Quiz: Katy Perry Highest Paid Woman in Music Business

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Article Dissection: Katy Perry is Highest Paid Woman in Music Business

Sentence-by-sentence: Katy Perry is Highest Paid Woman in Music Business   According to Forbes: Forbes has made a statement saying that…. this year’s highest paid woman: this year Katy Perry made more money than any other woman… terms like “highest paid” best looking most wanted lowest scoring in the music business: in the group of people who make music She earned $135 million: she was paid this much money “earned” is used when someone works for the money. If someone had simply given her $135 million for no reason, you would not say that she “earned” it. Beating out...

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Talk Talk Security Breach

  TalkTalk is an internet service provider based in the United Kingdom. Two weeks ago, customer names, mailing addresses, birth dates and telephone numbers, as well as more than 15,000 bank account numbers were stolen. Credit card and debit card information was also stolen. TalkTalk has contacted these customers and has asked them to keep an eye on their bank accounts to make sure no fraud is taking place. A 15-year old boy from Northern Ireland, a 16-year old boy from west London, a 16-year old boy from Norwich and a 20-year old man from Staffordshire were arrested. All four...

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