amazon_blackReviews are meant to help people decide whether a product is worth their money, whether it’s of good quality, and if it will do what they need it to do. According to Amazon though, some of those raving reviews for products sold on their site, were bought. Yes, it does happen, people buy reviews so that you will buy their products. This is the reason behind the recent filing of a lawsuit against 1,114 people who have been titled “John Does” for producing fake reviews; the defendants’ real names are not yet known. Amazon does not wish to have its name attached to such activities.

This lawsuit comes just six months after another lawsuit was filed by Amazon against websites offering fake reviews for money. The people they are currently suing sold fake reviews for as little as $5, whereas the sites they went up against earlier this year were selling reviews for anywhere between $19-$22.

Amazon’s examination of the fake reviews did include going to the website, the website responsible for hiring people who promised five star reviews, and even offered to allow the customer to write their own review. Many sellers tried to hide behind multiple accounts with different IP addresses, but in the end Amazon was able to track them down. Amazon is not attacking the site itself; it just does not wish that false reviews be placed on its site, and is even working with to resolve the issue.

Source: BBC