A government office in New Mexico, USA has a cat library. Employees can go to the cat library, choose a cat and take it back to their desk for one hour. Employees report feeling happier and more productive at work.

How did this start?

A local cat shelter (a place where lost and neglected cats can be adopted by loving families) decided to place a “cat ┬ácondo” in the government building. Because lots of people pass through the building each day, they thought that this would generate interest in the cats and more people would adopt them.

How does this work?

Employees in the office building can go to the “cat condo” and take out a cat for a short amount of time. The cat shelter says this is good for the cats because it gets them used to human contact before they are adopted (mainly because it stops them being scared of humans). It is also good for the employees- job satisfaction has skyrocketed since the programme was introduced.

Vocabulary; to skyrocket = increase a lot very quickly.

Photo+ Story: Metro

What do you think of this idea? Would you like a cat library at work?