Vocabulary: to make a profit (v+n), to import (v), whiskey (n), collapse (n+v), franchise (n).

McDonalds closed all of its restaurants in Iceland in 2009 because the businesses were no longer making a profit.


Iceland had three McDonalds franchises in Iceland. Although they were very popular, they were not making money. This is because they imported the ingredients from Germany and this was very expensive.

Iceland had a lot of economic problems following the collapse of its banking industry in 2008. This made it very difficult and expensive to import goods. Importing a kilo of onions from Germany cost the same as buying a bottle of good whiskey.

One man bought a hamburger and chips from McDonalds in 2009 beore the restaurant closed and decided to keep it. He says that it has not changed at all from the day that he bought it because the preservatives in the food are so powerful.

You can see the burger here: http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/food/icelands-last-mcdonalds-burger-is-five-years-old-and-showing-no-signs-of-decay/story-fneuz8zj-1227206845208