The Conservative party won the general election last week with an absolute majority. This means that they have more seats in the parliament than all of the other parties, and have a lot of power to do what they want.

Here are three things that the Conservatives have promised to do. They are very controversial and make me personally worried for the future of my country.

1) They want to scrap the Human Rights Act.

(to scrap= to get rid of, throw away, cancel)

human rights

The Human Rights Act ensures that people’s rights are protected in law. These rights include not being a slave and not being tortured. All other European countries follow this Human Rights Act (though it is called different things in different countries) and it is the European Court of Human Rights which looks after this.


The Conservatives want to scrap this and replace it with a new “British Bill of Human Rights”. Many people are worried about this because it means that the government could choose to make exceptions for protecting people’s human rights.

2) They want to bring back fox hunting

Hunting animals (including foxes and deer) was banned in the UK in 2004. One of the Conservatives promises is to have a vote to reintroduce hunting for sport in the UK.


This is very controversial because fox hunting traditionally involved using dogs to kill foxes. Many animal rights supporters say that this is cruel.


The Labour party, the party who introduced the ban, says that hunting has “no place is a civilised society”.

3) Cut Welfare Benefits by £12 billion

Welfare Benefits is the money given to people who don’t or can’t work. Currently, if you are unemployed or have a disability, the UK government gives you some money every week to survive.


The Conservative government wants to reduce the money given to the the unemployed by £12 billion. One area where they want to reduce this is in disability benefits.disability

Critics of this policy say that it is very risky because it might mean that some disabled people will not receive help from the government; they will be forced to work when they are not healthy enough to do so.

What is your opinion on these policies? Do you agree with the Conservatives or with the critics? Are there any similar laws in your country? We’d love to hear about it: