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A Russian researcher who is being called “Dark Purple” has made a USB drive that can fry any machine it’s plugged into in seconds. This means it is not only able to fry a computer, but also a TV, some smart phones, and any other device with a USB port.

Hackers have recently gotten a hold of this item and posted a video on the internet of them putting it into action. It shows the USB being plugged in, and within seconds the IBM laptop is completely useless. After the laptop is off, the hacker tries to turn it back on multiple times but the circuitry, or the electrical parts of the computer, is fried.

This USB sends 220 volts of electricity through the signal lines, but even though the laptop appears dead, Dark Purple has said that it would more than likely still work just fine if the motherboard were replaced, going on to say it is not likely that any information would be destroyed or harmed.

All of this may sound like something out of a spy movie, but in fact it’s real. Our world is getting closer and closer to things we only dreamed of as children, and we are moving slowly into a future we saw in movies like Back to the Future and so many others.

Source: The Telegraph